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Health and Safety Notice

It is widely known that exercise is good for you and we are qualified and trained in the subject of dance teaching. However for your wellbeing it is strongly recommend that you check with your doctor/specialist before starting any form of exercise, particularly if you have any pre-existing health conditions such as

·      Arthritis or joint problems

·      Diabetes

·      Epilepsy

·      High/Low Blood pressure

·      Pregnancy

·      Headaches, Dizzy Spells or Fainting

·      Heart problems or chest pains

·      Lung or respiratory problems

·      Any other conditions that may be affected by exercise

If before or during your dance/exercise session you have any concerns about the nature of the class or require it is your responsibility to check with your doctor/specialist prior to starting any form of exercise should you have any health concerns.


Attending classes at various locations

As dance classes can take place at any of several locations you must comply with any health and safety requirements particular to that location/site such as

·      The need to sign in and out to prove attendance and departure.

·      Make yourself aware of any hazards that could result in any harm/danger.

·      Make yourself aware of any fire exists so as to evacuate the premises in the event of a fire or fire alarm sounding.

·      Take notice of any signage present alerting you to specific conditions at that particular site.

·      Notify the dance instructor immediately if you are unsure of any of the above.


Visual Impairment

Please contact us for if you require a large print copy either by email at ​​ 

or Telephone on 07725 895243.

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